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In the New York City area? 

Do you like to get weird in a mask, costume, or other artistic creation?  

We want to hear from you!

We are trying to build a culture around the cosplay community by creating a narrative show that explores what it means to be a cosplayer, and by creating a home where cosplayers are celebrated for a once a week event that blends art, passion, and performance. 

Hit the "Contact" link to drop us a line if you're interested in being on the show. 

Benefits of participation:

  • Network with fellow cosplayers. 

  • Enjoy a free party.  

  • Walk the runway and potentially be featured in the show.  

  • A small stipend for your work. 

  • Cosplayers willing to be part of the pilot will receive an "OG NY Cosplayer" membership card for discounts on future "Lost Cos" events. 


NOTE: To be featured in the show you MUST have a unique costume that is not a licensed existing comic character.  That perfect knock-off of the Dead Pool costume you made is really cool.  Unfortunately, we can't feature it. Marvel and DC have teams of lawyers on retainer, and they defend their intellectual property.  Use your imagination, get inventive, and show us an original costume and we're sure to include you in the show.    

Find out more about the culture we're trying to foster here ->  Culture

Find out more about the Plans for "Lost Cos" the venue here ->  A Home 



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