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        This crime drama/dark comedy narrative based in New York City that follows the female protagonist, “Eni” (character performed by Evgeniya Radilova), who’s faced with an abusive past that consists of traumatic events she must confront.  Her rage has now come to the surface and her lover, Zoey, worries if Eni can remain in control of her life.  

     Central to her journey is the underground cosplay club "Lost Cos".  A place for costume culture bohemians to "lose themselves, or perhaps find themselves, behind a mask".   A sexy blend of costume artistry, thunderous jams, and burlesque style curiosities await all who can gain entry to the hidden club. 


    It is at Lost Cos that Eni discovers her  love for performing as her cosplay character "Vampireniya".   A popular fictional comic book based vampire succubus (at least in our world).   A heroine whose objective is to hunt and eliminate abusers of women.   Can Eni face the internal demons inside her or will her obsession with the fictional heroine "Vampireniya" blur the line between fantasy and reality to the point of no return...?